Paris Travel Diaries

I’ve disappeared from the blog for several days now but it’s okay cause I’ll have a lot of content to share in the coming weeks. I’m at the beginning of a long journey. First it’s Paris, then Morocco (again because I can’t get enough of it), and then Spain. From there I don’t know what’s next. Anything can happen but for now that’s my last stop.

We made it to the 15th arrondissement and it’s made me nostalgic plus all sorts of happy. The Eiffel Tower is visible when walking to the apartment. It’s so beautiful to see it sparkle at night when getting out from the Metro.

I’m glad I came since I got to practice my French some more. I feel way more confident in speaking it and am remembering the sentence structures even more now. Even Magdalene has been practicing her French. She keeps repeating her salutations and singing Frère Jacques.  And I became way more familiar with the Metro and RER. Like my friend said, I’m a true Parisian now.

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