Be the person you always wanted to be

booksOne of the reasons I love home decor is because it tells a lot of the person you are or aspire to be. Whether it’s your candle holder, your tea cups or even the books on your shelves. They all tell a part of your story. It’s really interesting once you think about it.

The pictures here are a reminder of who I was, who I forgot, and who I wish to find again. With the hustle and bustle of life, I forgot of the things that made me truly happy. When I was in college, I loved learning new languages, daydreaming of traveling, and even belly dancing. I stopped all of that once I packed up my stuff in a box and faced, what they call, the “real world.”

This is considered normal since it happens to everyone when they’re forced to grow up. Call it normal all you want but it should never be considered okay. You should always do what motivates you, no matter how crazy or juvenile it may seem. You may forget about it once but the second time make sure to not let it go.deskvanity

Moroccan tea




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