New Year, New Resolutions

new year resolutionsThe approach of a new year can either create a lot of pressure or take some off. It creates more pressure in the sense that we want to better ourselves for a better future. Then it takes off the pressure by giving us a chance to start again.

And the first step to starting again is making a resolution. There is importance in resolutions cause they make things happen. I remember when I was nine and I would list all of the things I visualized myself doing. Out of a list of nine, I can proudly say I completed five.

Another point about resolutions is that, after a while, they will show you what matters most to you. Going back to those five resolutions I completed, I think those mattered the most to me and that’s why I completed them. At the time you may not notice how important the resolution is but with time, you’ll see the level of importance. Document your resolutions and go back to them in a few months or years. You’ll be surprised.

Below are ten of my resolutions for 2018. They have been driving me crazy all year but maybe I’ll start them tomorrow. Hehe

  1. Be more active. I desperately need a fitness routine. It’s bad enough I have three belly rolls and now I feel lethargic at all times. *Sigh
  2. Eat better. Yes! I read an article that lack of consuming veggies can cause glaucoma in the long run. Yikes. Also, my water game has to step up.
  3. Complete something when I say I will. I can’t lie to myself. That’s what it basically is when I say I’m going to do something and I don’t.
  4. Remain faithful to what I love. Okay, I may be confused about this one cause there are so many things that I love. But this blog has been my outlet for months now. So I should remain faithful to it.
  5. Find what I love. I am still looking for my passion. Maybe I found it but I don’t think I did. There’s something missing.
  6. Continue pampering myself. Lately, ever since I came back from Paris, I have been staying faithful to my beauty routine and skincare. I never had a beauty routine that I followed but let’s hope I continue this one.
  7. Revive one of your childhood passions. Okay, this one may be a difficult one. Since I was in the fourth grade, I wanted to become a polyglot. I had learned some Italian lingo at age 9 and by the time I graduated college I had already taken one Arabic course, three French courses, and achieved Portuguese intermediacy through self-teaching. Overachiever? Hardly. However, I will revive this passion in 2018.
  8. Continue learning about food and watercolor painting. This resolution kind of relates to number five. I admire watercolorists and food photographers for their amazing talents. I should make more time for this.
  9. Travel solo. Yes I traveled solo in the sense that I was alone in the plane but someone was waiting for me in the other country. I need to step out of my comfort zone and make sure no one is waiting for me.
  10. Believe in myself more. I am a very skeptical person and I will come up with 100 problems that may come up before I can believe there’s a solution. That type of thinking needs to stop. It’s great to be realistic but it’s also good to dream and believe.


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