Highlights in My Life

motheranddaughter1-1-of-1Everyone has favorite things in their life. For me, there are only two things: my home and Maggie. If you didn’t know, my favorite place to be is home. And the only place to spend my day with is Maggie. My life is quite simple other than that.

Of course, I still need time for myself and my hobbies. I usually make the time during my breaks at work and on weekends. Oh, and late nights while Maggie’s sleeping. I’ve learned that life will never be about me anymore but I still have managed to make time for myself. Sometimes it’s hard but it’s still doable.

Below are some recent highlights and thoughts from this past week. Enjoy!magda-1-of-1Maggie’s owl bag is from Skip-hop. I love it! I usually put some of her training pants and wipes so it won’t be too heavy for her to carry. But she loves carrying it every time we go out.

img_8861 So happy with the flowers I bought at Trader Joe’s. I always wanted to buy some but I never found the perfect bunch until now.sandwich My lunch. I bought this cool lunchbox. It allows me to prepare lunch in portions. Above is an example. I can fit a sandwich in the big section. For the smaller sections, I usually put chopped fruit or yogurt with honey and flaxseeds (flaxseeds are a great source of Omega 3 and fiber). img_8892 I’m happy my job is in the city; I’ve missed the city so much. The building above is facing the Hudson River which is around my job. I take most of my lunch breaks around this area; I’m very fortunate to have this lunch spot.baby feetAnd last but not least, my baby’s little red patent leather ballet flats. To die for!



  1. November 18, 2016 / 5:20 am

    I agree with you. My baby girl is 8months old now and I am still trying to balance caring for her and caring for myself. I always thought that when I had a child, I would only care about her. I thought that being a good mother ment that what I needed would no longer be important. I quickly learned that that is easier said then done. Finding balance is a skill that I haven’t mastered yet. A skill that seems like I will have to continue to work on for many years. Thanks for posting on such a great topic.

    • thestylespread
      November 19, 2016 / 1:16 pm

      Yeah it took me some time. I’m still adjusting but now I have to prioritize my time which is good.

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