Striped Out


On Maggie: Dress: H&M; Stockings and Boots: Children’s Place

Autumn leaves! I love them and can’t get enough of them. So does Maggie. Everything about autumn is great; the weather and the clothes are to die for. The weather is currently a little off with its global warming but it is definitely appreciated. After all, global warming is another way to say the earth is cleansing itself. That’s something we should all learn from mother earth; we should shed our old skins and build new ones.

That’s what being a mother is all about. We have to let go of our past preferences and focus on new ones. And we have to constantly improve ourselves since our children are changing every day. And just like mother earth tells us how she feels through global warming, our children give us these signs as well. For us, it’s the smile on Maggie’s face; it always lets us know whether or not we’ve done a great job as parents.stripes1-1-of-1orange-1-of-1

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