Caliente Mexican Cafe

caliente6-1-of-1Went out for lunch, after work, with two of my coworkers. They kept raving about this place “Caliente, the one with the yellow cab.” I had passed it by a lot and, I must admit, the yellow cab did intrigue me.

We all ordered piña coladas to start. Tip: if you order the large cup you get a free cup to take home. I ordered the small cup cause it was cheaper, I’m on a budget and I don’t need a big cup. A little later I’m feeling peer pressured to take a logo cup home. “Go ask him to change the size before they make it,” my coworker said.

So I ran and asked him to change the size to large so I can get the free cup. Guess what he said. He said, “You can still order the small and I can still give you the cup to take home. Just for you.” I was grateful but I don’t think his intentions were all that good. But hey, what the hell? I got a free cup. Yay!

Dang, I’ve been experiencing a lot of freebies lately. Just yesterday a gardener by the Hudson River gave me a type of flower just because; it was sweet of him. Guess I’ve been having good luck lately. I’ll try not to get used to it.

caliente-1-of-1caliente3-1-of-1caliente4-1-of-1caliente5-1-of-1Yummy flautas!

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