Moroccan Harira Soup

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harira soupWith this rain today, one can only wish to stay home by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate or even sipping soup. One soup that gets me every time is Moroccan Harira soup. For those who don’t know, it’s a Moroccan soup filled with lentils, chickpeas, and tomato goodness.

I made some over the weekend and it was so good. But an important tip, it has to be paired with pita bread. The pita bread should be warm and right out of the oven. Now, I only made the soup; I couldn’t make the pita bread. But I bought a yummy one from the local market. The flavor was mushroom and garlic which gives it a delicious kick. 

I wouldn’t suggest it as a go-to meal for toddlers as Maggie didn’t approve of the mild spicy taste. Or maybe she doesn’t know how to enjoy soup yet; she gets scared of how hot it is. Hmm. However, she did enjoy the pita bread dipped in the soup, which is a great way to enjoy as well.

Below is a recipe made for four servings. There are plenty ways to make harira soup. You can make it really spicy, mild, or even sweet. The choices are endless. I prefer mines to come out in between, just like the first harira soup I experienced at the Bedouin Tent in Brooklyn. If you don’t want to make the soup, this is the restaurant to go for it.

Oh wait! There’s a last tip. Make sure to make Moroccan mint tea to fully enjoy this meal. I will be showing how to next week. In the meantime, check out the Harira soup recipe below. Enjoy!harira-soup3-1-of-1





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