A Little About Me

Here’s a little introductory post, in a Q&A form, about me. These are all questions that I have been asked in real life and on Tumblr. Hope some of you find these answers useful in one way or another.

Are you Moroccan?
No, I am Salvadorean and Puerto Rican. However, I have a great admiration for the Moroccan culture.
Is that your daughter? And, if so, how?
Yes. The blue eyed baby doll is my daughter. She may not look like me but I promise she looks like my baby self but with blue eyes. She looks more like her dad, also Puerto Rican, who has fair skin with freckles and auburn hair.
What did you study at the Fashion Institute of Technology?
I majored in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in French.
Would you recommend F.I.T. and why?
Yes, I would totally recommend F.I.T. It’s currently one of the top five fashion schools in the world. And when I say they give opportunities, I mean it. As long as you take advantage of the extracurricular activities and professors, it will all work in your favor.
 Why is your blog called The Style Spread?
I named it The Style Spread when I was looking at fashion spreads. It turned out to be a great name as I became very interested in graphic design later on. The name shows my interest in fashion and design.
Where do you shop?
I like to shop at thrift shops like Beacon’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and Housing Works. Other than thrift shops, my go-to stores are Topshop and Zara. For home decor, I prefer Home Goods (they have everything!)
What are your favorite places in New York City?
Some of my favorite places in NYC include the Chelsea neighborhood, Union Square, Brooklyn Heights, and Bergen.



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  1. Tim
    October 17, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    Are you currently working on any design projects?

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