Tea & Morocco

MoroccoHaving an annoying cold and working at the same time is a big no-no. I had to work from home, this past weekend, to prevent an office annoyance from my sniffling and sneezing.

Whenever I feel under the weather, I have a list of must-haves. I definitely need my Ricola cough drops, in Honey-Herb preferably. Even if I don’t have a cough, I need the Ricola to moisturize my throat. I prefer Ricola to other brands because it doesn’t irritate my throat with a strong menthol taste. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and menthol.

Second is tea. I mean who doesn’t drink tea when they’re sick right? My favorites are green tea, Chamomile, and Moroccan Mint tea. I usually drink green tea in the morning for energy and Chamomile in the evening for sleep. And all in between, I settle for water. I like to save Moroccan Mint tea for special occasions since it is a long process to make.

Last, but not least, would be a good book. Taking time off from electronic devices is a must now and then. I take advantage when I’m under the weather so my body can regain a balance.

This time I settled on flipping through Escape to Morocco. Well, looking through the great photography this book over the weekend made me ecstatic and brought out my dormant wanderlust. For those of you that personally know me, know that I have been in love with Morocco since age 13. I even wrote a college thesis on westernization in Morocco. I think I also felt excited since I was also looking at flights from France to Morocco. Even if it’s just for two days, I would consider myself so fortunate to step foot in Morocco.

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