How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea

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Moroccan Mint TeaBefore I visited Morocco, I became familiar with one of their popular traditions: tea time. Tea time can be anytime. But one of the best times to serve tea is when a guest arrives in your home. The main tea that is served is a perfect blend of gunpowder green tea and spearmint leaves or better known as Moroccan mint tea. It’s a perfect tea to serve to guests since it’s deliciously energizing.

Traditionally, Moroccans use a beautifully designed Moroccan teapot with colorful tea glasses. On top of this, they serve it on a silver platter, literally. If you don’t have these beautiful items in your kitchen, don’t fret. You can still use a regular teapot. It may not give that Moroccan aesthetic but you’ll still enjoy the tea.

Pair the tea with a delicious treat. Maybe some cake, nuts, or even yummy Moroccan Ghriba Cookies. It’s a match made in Moroccan heaven.

One thing that you may notice is that it takes time to make a teapot of mint tea. I even became discouraged once upon a time. It’s quite a process but if you have the right tools and setting, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. So, as my daughter says, let’s get started.


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