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This past weekend was such a blur; it went by so quick. But it started out well. Me and a friend went to shop for tarot cards. It was her first time shopping for a deck so I tagged along. But I ended up buying two oracle decks and another tarot deck. I’m not sure if there’s an unwritten rule that you can’t have too many decks.

I have had two sets of Raider-Waite tarot cards for almost four years now. I have the Radiant Rider-Waite which is a small size. And then I have the giant Rider-Waite (my first deck). I have always consulted them and they never failed.

Two years ago I decided to try my hand at the Lenormand Oracle deck. They’re great to consult along with the tarot since they give more cut and dry answers. But to each their own. Everyone has their own experiences with decks and changes may also occur throughout the divination journey.

Well long story short, I ended up buying another Lenormand deck. Yeah, I know why so many repeated decks? Well, this one was slightly bigger than the small one I have and had gold foil!

I also decided to invest in the Romance Angels Oracle deck. I was always skeptical about these types of decks but I received two virtual readings where the same card came up. So, I decided to try it myself, and guess what. I drew the same card.

Finally, me and Bonny both decided to buy The Wild Unknown online. Yeah we went on a divination spree. She received hers and I’m still waiting on mines. I feel these are like Pokemon cards for the divine truth seekers.

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