Finding Yourself

Baby Magdalene always picks up the little pumpkins that were put out on our steps. It’s the cutest thing ever. We went out for a stroll today with my mom. Since I had baby Magdalene, my life completely changed. It was hard, in the beginning, to even believe I was a mom. Publications weren’t lying when they said having a baby may come as a shock to some; it came as a shock to me.

Before the little one, I thought I was a bore. Sure, I liked myself but I didn’t think much of it. I remember thinking that other people were doing bigger and better things than me. When Magdalene came, I realized I had lost one of the most interesting people in my life: me. I know, it sounds a bit narcissistic. But losing myself meant that I finally valued myself. Everyone knows the phrase, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” That was how I felt. Prior to giving birth, I involved myself in many hobbies. I learned a bit about art, photography, graphic design, and languages. I practiced these things in and out of school. I also went to the city everyday.

All of those activities became non-existent. Well, at least for a few months. The point is that there’s always a sacrifice for something you love. In this case, that something is Magdalene. But! One must not give up when the going gets tough. It may have been hard to let go of who I was but it was all for a reason. Letting go of myself taught me to value who I was, to remind me to be mindful of others and to grow into a better person.

After regaining my physical and mental strength, I told myself that I don’t have to forget about myself in order to be a mother. On the contrary, I have to remember and be who I was in order to be the greatest mother. If you don’t remember who you are or what you were before the baby, you won’t succeed in parenting; you’ll drown in misery. Remembering who you are is the greatest thing since you’ll now share it with a little being that looks up to you.


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