Weekend Grocery Shopping

Weekends are for grocery shopping. Yes, we go shopping on both days. Seldom, do we have leisure time on weekends. I mean, that’s how it is when you work full time. Unless you get in the habit of shopping everyday after work. That is a smart idea. Except I haven’t got into the groove of it. I will though…eventually.

So yesterday we went to Trader Joe’s for certain groceries. We always go there to get vegetables, bread, and of course their great unripe bananas. We save a lot of money by shopping there for half of the groceries. Five bags of different veggies, four banana bunches, a tub of Honey Greek yogurt, and a loaf of bread would come out to around $50.00. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

We purchase the remainder of the groceries at our local supermarket. The remainder would be meats, cheese, canned foods, and fruits. Below are some pictures of the grocery shopping and a cool red bike that we came across on our way to the supermarket.


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