Keeping Busy at Home

Staying home for long periods of time can stir up feelings of boredom. After a few days you may think there is nothing left to do cause you’ve done it all. But it’s quite the contrary.

There are plenty of things to do while home. I recently started sketching again to pass the time. I’m no pro at it so there is a lot of room for error and improvement. The same goes for any other new activity one may take up.

If you can chop up your day into categories, you’ll realize there’s a lot you can do in one day. Some categories I have assigned activities to are:


-creative hobby

-intellectual stimulation


So, for health I have decided to practice more yoga. My creative hobby is sketching and painting. My intellectual stimulation can be learning a new language. And spirituality can be as simple as praying or meditating. It’s all up to the individual. You can keep creating categories and see what you activities you can fill them up with.

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