Breakfasts, Coffee, and Art


Day number 30? I lost count at this point. The days consist of coming up with new breakfast ideas and improving my watercolor skills. Oh and making coffee! It’s something I look forward to every morning. What would we do without coffee?


Hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, bananas and swiss cheese toast for breakfast may not be on your must-try list but it was pretty good. I love seeing the obscure breakfast combinations people come up with so I thought I should share mines.

Other than this simple breakfast, I’ve been indulging in french toast and sausage. Yum! But it’s not daily so it’s cool.

I have been taking more naps which is not cool. They may be necessary but I generally don’t like taking them since they don’t allow me to sleep later on. Pair naps with coffee and you get an insomniac by night. Definitely not a good mixture.

As for hobbies, I have been painting and sketching more. I’m actually getting the hang of watercolor paint which is awesome. I’ve had unused art supplies for five years. Never had the time to practice and really use the supplies. I have about four water color palettes, a set of liquid watercolor, watercolor pencils, and a few brushes. I am set.

Photography has taken a downturn but I’ll try to maintain it with indoor shots. Most of the photography that I posted on social media was travel photography so I’m trying to balance it out with indoor shots. I should get back into food photography. We’ll see what I decide on.


art sketch



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