Kneading Dough

how to knead doughMaking bread for the first time was a long process. It took approximately 5 hours to make two loaves of bread. A big and important part of the process is kneading the dough. If you can’t knead the dough, you will never make the bread.

This was my second time kneading dough and thankfully it was quick and easy. The first time I kneaded dough, I was following a video of Julia Child. However, the instructional video didn’t work out for me. I took longer than I was supposed to in kneading the dough and just gave up making anything. It just kept sticking to my hands and the surface.

So I decided to make a video addressing these concerns. It’s a short and simple video with three tips. These three tips can make or break your dough. Let me know in the comments if these tips helped you out.

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