Little Magdalene in the City

 Today we took a stroll in downtown Brooklyn. We ate apple tart and raspberry pastries at Paris Breakfasts and then took a lot of pictures across the street. A mini family photo shoot is never a dull idea.After dozens of pictures, we decided to take little Magdalene to Barnes & Noble. We’ve been there a couple of times before. The last time, she went crazy running around getting her petites mains on anything colorful. This time she mingled and socialized…in her own way of course. We tried reading her a book but she just couldn’t stay still. Instead, she moved on over to a little group of boys who were with their nanny. She tried talking to them and even hugging them!

It’s the greatest joy when you see a child so happy and carefree. Sometimes they take after the parents and try to copy their every move. Other times, it’s just their innate expression. We were truly blessed with such a positive and happy go lucky little girl. We can only keep on praising these actions in hopes of keeping her in that state of mind.


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