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    Make your own Blueberry Spread

    Making your own blueberry jam is a great alternative to buying. It may not be the cheapest, depending on the fruit, but it’s good to know what you’re putting in your jam. And you can get more creative too. Origins: The recipe below is based off of old fashioned ingredients and methods. One of the main ingredients is honey. After all, honey has been used as a preservative and sweetener since 6000 B.C.E. That’s around 8000 years.  So why not keep using it? Ancient Greece took part in canning and preservation by mixing honey with fruits and then storing in jars. This form of preservation improved as other countries added…

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    Lagom at home

    The perfect way to spend a snow day indoors? Setting up a bed and breakfast with a good book. After New York City was warned of the bomb cyclone snow storm, I knew indoors was the place to be. I set up the perfect breakfast along with a great cultural book. I recently purchased Lagom by Linnea Dunne, a book about living the Swedish balanced life. I’m a regular follower of Swedish bloggers and I always think there is something different yet appealing about their lives. Whether it’s their meet-ups or their interior decor, the Swedes always make their life look good. So when I saw there was an actual…

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    A love letter to Paris

    Dear Paris, This recent trip was the second time I visited you and unlike in March, walking your streets in late November was a no-no for me. There was no snow yet and there was no autumn breeze. Instead, there was a lot of rain, harsh coldness, and grey skies. However, I’m judging you based off of only 5 days of being there. The great thing was that you made me thankful for a lot of things.

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    Banana Pancakes

    My favorite pancakes are banana pancakes. And it’s also Maggie’s favorite too. I discovered it when I was pregnant with Maggie. It’s a simple recipe but it’s soo good. You don’t even need syrup to fully enjoy this breakfast. Hope this family favorite can be passed down to your family.

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