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crepe with raspberries

For some reason, many people consider crêpe a foreign concept. Not because the yummy pancake has French origins but they just don’t know how to approach making crêpe in the kitchen. Maybe cause they think they need a crêpe maker or special flour. But no, making crêpe is actually really simple and you don’t need any fancy gadgets.

Making crêpe is on a par with making pancakes. The batter is simple to make. Now, if you don’t want to make the batter every morning, you can make some a few days before and just save the batter in a jar. That’s what I do.

I admit that I used to be one of those people who found crêpe fascinating yet difficult. When I stayed with family in Paris, I ate it almost every morning. At the time, I didn’t understand how it was so simple for them to go through the process of making it. It’s clear now that I was clueless. But, in my defense, I had heard of crêpe makers and special flour. All of these things discouraged me in trying to make it myself.

Check out the recipe and hopefully you too can find the simplicity in eating crêpe for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Oh and, before I forget, if you want more batter, just double the quantity of the ingredients I’ve listed.

crepe with raspberries

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