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Not being able to travel during this lockdown has made me turn to my Paris travel guides and French newspapers from France. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from a country’s newspaper.

I generally like to save newspapers from my favorite destinations just so it can remind me of what was happening when I visited. I also save them if the newspaper or publication has a design layout I liked.

The last Le Monde issue I bought in Paris had Bernard Arnault on the front page. It’s kind of funny cause here in the States you wouldn’t really know who Arnault is unless you studied or worked in the fashion industry. But, au contraire, in Paris you’ll know who that is cause fashion is life. That is one of the main reasons I love the country. There’s so much emphasis on fashion, starting with the history.

Whenever I visit Paris, it makes me feel like I was back in F.I.T. My college days consisted of going to fashion exhibitions and learning the history, the icons, and the styles.

And that’s essentially what I try to do when I travel. If they have an exhibition I’m interested in (mostly fashion), I’m there.

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