Bruschetta Recipe and Wine

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Just found the closest supermarket to me that sells the best homemade bread for bruschetta. It’s a couple of blocks farther than my nearest supermarket but it’s worth the walk.

I’ve been looking to buy some good homemade bread for the longest. Too bad I don’t live in Paris where a well-made baguette is within easy reach. I can make it but it takes two to three hours so I’ll pass on my own homemade bread.

Anyways, I also bought a mozzarella ball and some cherry tomatoes. Threw it together with the toasted bread and some chopped kale leaves and I must say it was so delicious.

Bruschetta is typically prepared with marinated tomatoes with basil and garlic sans the mozzarella. And the bread is grilled. Whether you prepare it with or without the cheese, it’s still a tasty lunch especially during the summer.

I paired it with strawberries and some port wine. You can also pair it with some homemade lemonade. Ugh, I’ve just been loving homemade food lately.


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