Benefits of Citrus Fruits in the Winter


Many people aren’t aware that the best time of the year to eat citrus fruits is during the winter. They’re readily available and cheaper during the winter season. It is believed that oranges, tangerines, blood oranges, and even lemons taste sweeter during the winter.

Winter time is the perfect time to experiment with citrus fruits as well. You can make juice, cakes, muffins, and even dried fruits. But do not just limit yourself to freshly squeezed orange juice. Switch it up with some blood oranges and make a juice out of that. They’re definitely sweeter when they ripe so let them sit for a day or two. Not a juice fan? Build up your baking skills and maybe make some blood orange cake. I promise it’s delicious.

Another benefit of incorporating citrus fruits into your winter diet is the health benefits. They’re filled with vitamin C, potassium, folate and magnesium. So, why not take advantage?

My personal benefit is just looking at how different the citrus fruits are in color as well as in size. It may just be me, but seeing the vibrant color of a blood orange or grapefruit can always uplift my mood during the winter..

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