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    How to use a French press

    Finally got my hands on one of these beauties. Now, I was contemplating a cappuccino machine but currently don’t have the space. So why not get the French Press? It’s perfect for small spaces and a quick caffeine boost. Oh and the coffee comes out delish! Though it’s best to start with whole beans and then grind them, you can definitely use ready-to-brew ground coffee. The best amount is one tablespoon for every cup of water you add. So, let’s say you want to make four cups of coffee, you would need four tablespoons of ground coffee. Now that you have added your ground coffee, it’s time to boil water. Tip: Do…

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    How to Dine Like the French

    French gastronomy is an art in itself. Just like the French woman, it has no need for fancy introductions or explanations for existing; it just is. Below are 7 rules and suggestions that will change your dining style significantly. They are regularly used by the French and probably underestimated by the rest. Let’s get started.

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    Pepper Penne

    The balance between work and home life hasn’t been so easy for me these past few weeks. You may have noticed in my lack of posting on the blog. It may be because of the, what seems to be a never-ending, winter. I even blogged about the negative impact winter can have on people; it’s not a good feeling. But what better way to get over this than experimenting with new foods and dishes? I call this dish Pepper Penne. I didn’t know how delicious this dish could be. When my mom made it, I couldn’t resist trying to make it myself. It came out very delicious and I had a great…

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    Little Blue Thermal Carafe

    I haven’t posted a lot in the past week due to the holidays and work. But here is a little post I hope you’ll all enjoy. So if you know me, you would know I don’t like carrying anything bulky with me. That’s why I’m not a huge fan of long thermal bottles or carafes. And I know it’s more economical to carry your own lunch and beverages to work but I can’t see myself carrying a thermal bottle for liquids. I do carry lunch from time to time but liquids, no.

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    The Fridge is Where the Heart Is

    It’s currently raining here in New York. It’s almost starting to feel like April showers cause of the frequency. But rainy days are always perfect for online shopping especially when the baby is napping. And those times are always perfect to run into something expensive that you have been missing in your life. Of course I ran into something. I ran into my long lost fridge… a Smeg fridge.

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    Confessions of A True Foodie

    Who loves cooking? No one would think I’d raise my hand. After all, I’m only 23 years young. Heck, I probably don’t even know how to cook. All I know how to do is prep my makeup and toss my hair to the side. Well I’m happy to say that this is a big misconception.

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