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Learn French Slang with 5 Terms

French slang

They say that you’ve become fluent in a language when you know how to speak slang. This isn’t always true since nowadays you can just google the terms or come to a site like this.

However, learning slang terminology does make you seem more aware and knowledgable in regards to travel and language. Learning a new term shows that you did your homework. After all, slang terminology tends to change rather quickly. You don’t want to use slang from the 90’s in 2017 as you may be perceived as outdated.

Below are five modern French slang phrases (including cuss words) that will make you appear well versed and up to date.

1. Laisse tomber 

When speaking literally, this phrase means ‘Let it fall.’ You may see the connection to it’s colloquial meaning of ‘Let it go.’

This phrase can be translated as ‘Never mind’ in english. It comes in handy when someone doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say. So if you’re not a fluent French speaker, this will come in handy.

2. Quoi

Okay okay this one may seem recognizable or easy to translate. It literally translates as “What.” But it’s good to know that the French don’t use it as a question when they don’t understand what you’re saying. Comment would be the more suitable term to use when you need someone to repeat what they said.

Now, quoi, on the other hand, is frequently used when making a statement. It kind of serves as a punctuation mark rather than a word.

3. Con/Conasse/Connard

This one’s a fairly popular one. It means idiot or ass depending on the context. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cuss word. Le Dinêr des Cons (later remade into the American Dinner for Shmucks) is a French movie that explains what you may call a con.

4. Merde

For the last two terms, we will go over true cuss words. After all, they’re popular among the older and younger generations and you may have heard them in movies before.

Merde can roughly translated to ‘shit’ but it’s not seen the same. The word is equivalent to crap or rubbish.

5. Putain/Pute

Last but not least, the classic putain, or as we see in the image above, pute. This term translates as whore. So in the image above, ‘je suis ta pute’ translates to ‘I am your whore’.

Even though you can use it in this context, it is widely used as an exclamatory remark. It’s on a par with the F word in english. So if you ever feel frustrated, now you know the perfect word to yell out.











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