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    A Quick and Easy Guide to Essential Oils

    Although a lot of us tend to underestimate the healing power of it, aromas are actually one of the most important aspects of healing. After all, everything we smell and breathe travels straight to our lungs and impacts it. So, if we’re inhaling something toxic, it can be detrimental to our lungs. Or, on the other hand, if we’re inhaling something soothing it can increase our dopamine and make us happy. Below are a few things to help you get started on your aromatherapy journey. Aroma Device Essential Oil Diffuser Believe it or not, an essential oil diffuser can help you get better when you’re sick or even feel better…

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    5 Benefits of the Chamomile Flower

    The magic of the chamomile flower shouldn’t be limited to only insomnia. It is widely popular for its sedative effects because well, it works. But there’s way more to this power flower than just sleep benefits. I included insomnia, because it’s still an important issue, along with four other health problems that this flower can help with. 01. Treats Insomnia and restlessness This is the number one complication that chamomile tisanes are known for. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia or you just have a lot on your mind, chamomile is the go-to aid. Its sedative effects relax you until you go to sleep. However, there is much debate that the…

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    3 Healthy Things to Adopt in your Home

    Having been playing with new decor elements in my living space, I’ve been mainly focusing on my physical and spiritual health. I’ve also been suffering from Hay Fever for the past few weeks so it pushed me to look after my surroundings and what triggers it. Below are the three things I have incorporated into my living space to keep me happy, healthy, and hydrated. 01. Essential Oil Diffuser To combat the Hay Fever, I bought an essential oil diffuser, which also serves as a humidifier, and it really helped with the allergic reactions. A diffuser or humidifier can improve allergies and colds. It can even help shift your moods.…

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    10 Benefits of Rooibos

    Rooibos tea, also known as red tea but not to be confused with hibiscus tea, comes from the Asphalathus linearis plant in South Africa. It aids many conditions including allergies, insomnia, as well as weight loss. This is due to all of the minerals the plant has which includes iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and copper. Unlike other herbs, rooibos has a pleasant and mild taste. The taste is reminiscent to cinnamon which makes the tea great to drink without sugar or any other additives. And it’s caffeine-free unlike other teas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the conditions Rooibos tea is good for. After check out the cool Rooibos…

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    Getting Rid of SAD

    Depression isn’t always blatant and it isn’t always all year round. For a lot of people, depression peaks at certain times of the year. The most popular time is Winter. Seasonal affective disorder (commonly known as SAD), is when this peak hits and you feel unmotivated, tired, and moody. Ever experience this?

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    Tea & Morocco

    Having an annoying cold and working at the same time is a big no-no. I had to work from home, this past weekend, to prevent an office annoyance from my sniffling and sneezing. Whenever I feel under the weather, I have a list of must-haves. I definitely need my Ricola cough drops, in Honey-Herb preferably. Even if I don’t have a cough, I need the Ricola to moisturize my throat. I prefer Ricola to other brands because it doesn’t irritate my throat with a strong menthol taste. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and menthol.

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    Highlights of My Life

    I was browsing through some images and found some of my favorites. These pictures describe my life at this moment. The image above is a great salad I bought from Trader Joe’s; it’s very tasty! Below you can see some of the groceries I bought and Maggie in the kitchen. Lately, I’ve been showing her how to cook! Yeah you read right. And she loves it. Last night I turned on some melodies (Yann Tiersen to be specific) and sat her down on the counter. She helps me with the beginning process of cooking. After that, the cooking gets intense and her job is over. On another note, I’ve been trying…

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