3 Healthy Things to Adopt in your Home


Having been playing with new decor elements in my living space, I’ve been mainly focusing on my physical and spiritual health. I’ve also been suffering from Hay Fever for the past few weeks so it pushed me to look after my surroundings and what triggers it.

Below are the three things I have incorporated into my living space to keep me happy, healthy, and hydrated.

01. Essential Oil Diffuser

To combat the Hay Fever, I bought an essential oil diffuser, which also serves as a humidifier, and it really helped with the allergic reactions. A diffuser or humidifier can improve allergies and colds. It can even help shift your moods. So if you’re feeling a little stressed, lavender oil would do the trick.

My go-to essential oil for colds has always been Eucalyptus. It kills bacteria so if you’re having trouble with a cough or allergies, it can really alleviate the situation and help you sleep at night. And if there’s congestion, Eucalyptus helps you breathe better too.

02. Plants

Bringing in plants was one of my other goals. I actually went a tad plant crazy since I bought Basil, Mint, Parsley, and Cilantro plants. Check out my cute sage plant. It’s still a baby but it will grow.

It’s so great to have them at hand since you don’t have to worry about running to the store at last minute or even when you’re sick. You can clip them and dry them if you want. Or just clip and put in a tea.

Just like a humidifier, plants also have the power of increasing humidity. They also improve air quality in that they reduce airborne dust. Another benefit is that they keep the air temperature cool. Want another cool fact? They absorb sound. Sounds crazy right? Well, it’s been proven that plants can reduce background noise from cars and highways.

03. Tisanes

A tisane is basically an herbal infusion for those who don’t know. You may consider it a tea cause it looks like one but if there aren’t any tea leaves, it’s not a tea.

The first time I experienced the power of a tisane was when I poisoned myself with antibiotics for my wisdom tooth. I did just as the doctor said and out of nowhere started experiencing severe stomach pains. I decided to drink a sage tisane since I had heard that Native Americans used the plant to get rid of pains and negativity. The minute I finished my cup of Sage, everything came out. I’ve been a firm believer of tisanes ever since.

Tisanes are good for different conditions. Sage can be good to expel any toxicity in the gut while Chamomile is good for insomnia. Then you have Rooibos which can aid in losing weight. It’s all up to you.




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