Watercolor Wishes

Hey guys! So you may notice some differences, within the blog, such as this post. This post is about watercolor painting and it will be the first post of many more. It’s a new topic that I would like to include to share with you my progress in watercolor painting. It’s something that always brought a joy to me just by looking at it. It’s a very beautiful medium and compared to others it may be more difficult but it can also be more flexible.

The above painting, which I like to call The Leaning Tower of Macarons hehe, was my first watercolor painting. I remember being so scared of trying to paint with watercolors cause I didn’t want to mess up anything. The macaron painting was pretty good for a first painting but, like everything, it has room for improvement. The paints that I used were by Windsor & Newton.

Below you can see my former workspace a.k.a. the dining table. The painting you see below was my attempt to channel Caitlin McGauley; she’s an amazing watercolor painter and she’s a mom too! So remember, the painting below was not thought up by me and it was basically painted for practice.

In future posts, I will write about watercolor supplies, storage ideas, my progress and also instructional materials that helped me learn. Maybe you can learn too.


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