Lagom at home


The perfect way to spend a snow day indoors? Setting up a bed and breakfast with a good book. After New York City was warned of the bomb cyclone snow storm, I knew indoors was the place to be. I set up the perfect breakfast along with a great cultural book.

I recently purchased Lagom by Linnea Dunne, a book about living the Swedish balanced life. I’m a regular follower of Swedish bloggers and I always think there is something different yet appealing about their lives. Whether it’s their meet-ups or their interior decor, the Swedes always make their life look good. So when I saw there was an actual book to describe their lifestyle, I just had to buy it.

Dunne, a Swede herself, goes over the Swedish lifestyle concept of Lagom. Lagom is a Swedish term that translates to “just enough”. It can also mean being in balance. Throughout various aspects of their lives, the Swedish try to maintain a balance. They definitely have a perfect balance of work and fun which allows them to be happier and more creative. Oh and don’t forget the maternity and paternity leaves.

The book also explains the Fika culture in Sweden. Fika is the regular coffee time Swedes have with pastries on the side. The pastries are often called fikabröd translated to fika bread. Coffee and some warm cinnamon buns? I think I’ll move to Sweden now please.Lagom


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