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    Oui by Yoplait

    When I went to France back in March, I quickly noticed that foods were really different, starting with the packaging and ending with the taste. I had already known that the French take their food very seriously and care about where it comes from. But I had no idea that this also applied to how the food is packaged.  

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    Sprinkles and Sprinklers

    What a fun day this was. It was a long day but we all had fun. I took my niece and daughter to 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt shop that I never heard of. I mean, there are so many frozen yogurt shops I just can’t keep track. But my niece chose it over Pinkberry so there must be something about it. After 16 Handles, we headed to the park to have some fun. Angie and Maggie had so much fun I couldn’t resist taking pics the whole time.

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