New eclipse, new me


I’m not sure if it’s the summer weather that’s making me feel rejuvenated or it’s the fact that the solar eclipse was in my first house. Could be both right?

I haven’t shopped for myself in, what feels like, years. I’m probably exaggerating though. It’s more like, I haven’t splurged in years.

So, I’m so excited to share what I purchased from Intimissimi and Gossard. I absolutely love these brands. Gossard has been one of my favorite lingerie brands for years because the bras are long lasting and the styles are simple yet sexy. Intimissimi is more of a splurge brand. But their sales are magnificent. I really love their aesthetic.

I’m trying to get back into taking photos for fun. There just doesn’t seem to be any time. The past few years have been very draining for obvious reasons. And it just never felt like the right moment to share anything. A moment of silence felt appropriate. Actually, a few years of silence was more appropriate. Don’t forget the seemingly endless winter we had.

However, this summer has felt really uplifting for numerous reasons. I hope you feel the same effects.

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