Watercolor & Italy

When I was on my trip in Italy, I really wanted to start my water color and urban sketching journey. However, inspiration didn’t hit because it was a fast-paced trip. I usually feel inspired to paint or sketch when there is nothing else to do. There are no worries, no responsibilities and I can lose myself in the process of painting.

Not sure if anyone else can relate but it’s tough when your schedule is overbooked. So, that brings me to my solar return goal for 2023. I would like to start making it a habit to paint, at least, one piece per day.

Hopefully, little by little, I can increase that number to three or four. I mean, art shouldn’t be a numbers game but for me, it is.

I have been wanting to create time for watercolor painting for ten years now. The more time passed, the more my perfectionism and procrastination took over. Until, I just gave it up.

Anyways, time for some goodies. I bought some art supplies in Rome at this art store called Poggi. I felt compelled to buy any art supply in Italy. So, I decided to get a pocket Sennelier sketchbook and a pocket watercolor set for the first time. So excited.


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