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    Reading Time: Alpha Block

    Reading time is always fun for Maggie. She loves books filled with life and emotion so me and Elias always have to get into character before reading to her. She keeps giving us the same book over and over which can get pretty redundant after a while. The other types of books she enjoys are colorful ones such as Alpha Block.

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    Rain Rain Go Away

    Yesterday was a rainy day. Oh my gosh! It was a horrible day to go out but a wonderful day to stay indoors, watch movies, and possibly cuddle while drinking hot chocolate. I was working but when I got home soaked there was only thing that brightened my day. All of you who are mothers will know what I’m talking about. For me, it was Magdalene. And she definitely made a rainy day appear sunny in that colorful raincoat of hers. I love her in it!

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    Snow White Takes A Bite

    On Magdalene: Snow White Dress: Babies R Us, Headband: H&M, Shoes: GAP Halloween is getting closer and closer. I need to start thinking of what to dress Magdalene as. Last year she was Snow White. I bought the costume at Babies R Us and stained her lips and cheeks with some red lipstick. I’m so happy I was fortunate enough to capture everything on camera with a great depth of field. Well, time to look for costumes. Happy Halloween!

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