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    Snow White Takes A Bite

    On Magdalene: Snow White Dress: Babies R Us, Headband: H&M, Shoes: GAP Halloween is getting closer and closer. I need to start thinking of what to dress Magdalene as. Last year she was Snow White. I bought the costume at Babies R Us and stained her lips and cheeks with some red lipstick. I’m so happy I was fortunate enough to capture everything on camera with a great depth of field. Well, time to look for costumes. Happy Halloween!

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    Scandinavian Haven

    Scandinavian decor has been my obsession ever since I became pregnant with Magdalene. It must be something about the pops of color and the illusion of ample space in a room. My favorite room is one with grey and blush rose colors. I can’t wait until Magdalene gets her new room so I can start decorating it. Anywho, above are the items that I’m thinking to purchase for her new room. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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    Little Magdalene in the City

     Today we took a stroll in downtown Brooklyn. We ate apple tart and raspberry pastries at Paris Breakfasts and then took a lot of pictures across the street. A mini family photo shoot is never a dull idea.After dozens of pictures, we decided to take little Magdalene to Barnes & Noble. We’ve been there a couple of times before. The last time, she went crazy running around getting her petites mains on anything colorful. This time she mingled and socialized…in her own way of course. We tried reading her a book but she just couldn’t stay still. Instead, she moved on over to a little group of boys who were with…

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    Finding Yourself

    Baby Magdalene always picks up the little pumpkins that were put out on our steps. It’s the cutest thing ever. We went out for a stroll today with my mom. Since I had baby Magdalene, my life completely changed. It was hard, in the beginning, to even believe I was a mom. Publications weren’t lying when they said having a baby may come as a shock to some; it came as a shock to me.

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