• Kids

    Striped Out

    Autumn leaves! I love them and can’t get enough of them. So does Maggie. Everything about autumn is great; the weather and the clothes are to die for. The weather is currently a little off with its global warming but it is definitely appreciated. After all, global warming is another way to say the earth is cleansing itself. That’s something we should all learn from mother earth; we should shed our old skins and build new ones. That’s what being a mother is all about. We have to let go of our past preferences and focus on new ones. And we have to constantly improve ourselves since our children are…

  • Fashion/Beauty

    That’s So Keef

    Top:Newport News Pants: Nanette Lepore Boots: Steve Madden This is my most favorite look ever! It must be that I’m finding my style and niche. I always wanted to dress like this but I never took the time to execute it. Finding the right type of clothes for me and the clothes I wanted was an issue as well. What fits someone else will not look good on everyone. But luckily I’m finding what suits me and makes me feel good. But back to the look, I feel like the outfit is so Keith Richards. I didn’t realize, until after, that I had adopted his look. I admire his sense of fashion, especially…

  • Fashion/Beauty

    Rocky 30’s

      Behind the Look: I love this picture. I took other pictures but they didn’t appeal to me as much as this one. I love the way the sepia looks on it; it looks very vintage, circa 1930’s. For the color image, you can go to my Lookbook Account. I just threw these pieces together and I had to include the navy polka dot stockings because I’ve been dying to wear them since December. Thing is that now I regret not having bought two pairs because they fit so beautiful. On my feet I have some ordinary boots. The story behind them is funny actually because I got them as an…

  • Fashion/Beauty

    British Gal

    Shirt: Banana Republic, Tights: Anthropologie, Boots: Guess Behind the Look: This is an old look from last year. But like they say, “an oldie but a goodie.” I will love this outfit ’til the day I die. It was a perfect look that I had just thrown on to go out shopping and it came out perfect. Those Anthropologie tights were so cute when I first saw them. They have this gold waste trimming with a bow on it. This outfit actually made me feel empowered, ah I don’t know what I’m saying. It just made me feel darn good. Hype it Here

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