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    How to Shop at the Farmers Market

    Shopping at the farmers market is one of my favorite things to do during the weekend. I love it even more when I’m with Magdalene as she tends to make things interesting. Her favorite thing to do is to try the fruit samples. I mean, who could blame her? I even love trying samples. But what really makes a great farmers market experience is when you know what you’re getting and you have fun with it. Below are a few tips to follow on your next trip to the farmers market. 1. Shop Early Get there before the afternoon. There are plenty of people who know what they’re looking for…

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    How to Dine Like the French

    French gastronomy is an art in itself. Just like the French woman, it has no need for fancy introductions or explanations for existing; it just is. Below are 7 rules and suggestions that will change your dining style significantly. They are regularly used by the French and probably underestimated by the rest. Let’s get started.

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    The Fireside Cook Book

    Ever found a book that stood out to you because it was out of date? Well this book was definitely one of them. The Fireside Cook Book was published in 2008 but it’s such a fascinating cook book. Elias gave it to me as a gift and I just love it. At first I thought, it’s just another cook book. But it stands out to me more than other cook books.

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