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    Kneading Dough

    Making bread for the first time was a long process. It took approximately 5 hours to make two loaves of bread. A big and important part of the process is kneading the dough. If you can’t knead the dough, you will never make the bread. This was my second time kneading dough and thankfully it was quick and easy. The first time I kneaded dough, I was following a video of Julia Child. However, the instructional video didn’t work out for me. I took longer than I was supposed to in kneading the dough and just gave up making anything. It just kept sticking to my hands and the surface.…

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    Café de la Régence

    What a cold night this was. The great thing about Paris is that you don’t have to sacrifice being outside for staying warm. With the heaters above the tables, you can sit outside even during the winter. We decided to stop by Café de la Régence. Many say it’s good place to stop by after visiting the Louvre. We didn’t visit the Louvre but we just needed somewhere to warm up and drink hot chocolate. The hot chocolate here was so cute as it was in the shape of a flower as seen below. If I remember correctly, the hot chocolate had a cute name as well. Oh how I…

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    How to use a French press

    Finally got my hands on one of these beauties. Now, I was contemplating a cappuccino machine but currently don’t have the space. So why not get the French Press? It’s perfect for small spaces and a quick caffeine boost. Oh and the coffee comes out delish! Though it’s best to start with whole beans and then grind them, you can definitely use ready-to-brew ground coffee. The best amount is one tablespoon for every cup of water you add. So, let’s say you want to make four cups of coffee, you would need four tablespoons of ground coffee. Now that you have added your ground coffee, it’s time to boil water. Tip: Do…

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    Kefta Tagine with Eggs

    Making any tagine can seem like an intimidating task for many. Now, add poached eggs and the perfect tomato sauce. Exactly. It’s one of those recipes that I wanted to refrain from trying but couldn’t due to how delicious it was. Like plenty of other Moroccan recipes, the Kefta Mkaouara requires various ingredients and dedication. Traditionally, the dish would be prepared in a tagine but if a tagine isn’t available a deep wide skillet would work too. Now, let’s get to making this dish.

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    A love letter to Paris

    Dear Paris, This recent trip was the second time I visited you and unlike in March, walking your streets in late November was a no-no for me. There was no snow yet and there was no autumn breeze. Instead, there was a lot of rain, harsh coldness, and grey skies. However, I’m judging you based off of only 5 days of being there. The great thing was that you made me thankful for a lot of things.

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    How to Shop at the Farmers Market

    Shopping at the farmers market is one of my favorite things to do during the weekend. I love it even more when I’m with Magdalene as she tends to make things interesting. Her favorite thing to do is to try the fruit samples. I mean, who could blame her? I even love trying samples. But what really makes a great farmers market experience is when you know what you’re getting and you have fun with it. Below are a few tips to follow on your next trip to the farmers market. 1. Shop Early Get there before the afternoon. There are plenty of people who know what they’re looking for…

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    How to Dine Like the French

    French gastronomy is an art in itself. Just like the French woman, it has no need for fancy introductions or explanations for existing; it just is. Below are 7 rules and suggestions that will change your dining style significantly. They are regularly used by the French and probably underestimated by the rest. Let’s get started.

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    Pepper Penne

    The balance between work and home life hasn’t been so easy for me these past few weeks. You may have noticed in my lack of posting on the blog. It may be because of the, what seems to be a never-ending, winter. I even blogged about the negative impact winter can have on people; it’s not a good feeling. But what better way to get over this than experimenting with new foods and dishes? I call this dish Pepper Penne. I didn’t know how delicious this dish could be. When my mom made it, I couldn’t resist trying to make it myself. It came out very delicious and I had a great…

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