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    Christmas Day

    Christmas was great this year. Not only did we celebrate the holiday but we also celebrated my sister’s birthday. The double celebration was all my niece’s idea; she wanted to do something special for my sister. And she did do something special. She did a wonderful job in picking out the decorations and setting them up. And of course my sister outdid herself with all of the yummy food. The only sad part was that Maggie’s dad had to go to work in the afternoon so he couldn’t experience Maggie opening her gifts…again! I say again because on Christmas Eve we decided to open some gifts but he had work again.…

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    Giving Thanks for Family

    Thanksgiving this year was a success! We went to my sister’s house to celebrate family and to give thanks. The food was made completely by my sister so kudos to her! Even though it’s not shown here, I promise it was a delicious feast. We brought some sparkling apple cider, coconut pie, and beer. We also bought this great drink called Ciderboys. It’s apple cider with 5% alcohol; very tasty but very light.

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    Swedish American Family Time

    We had so much fun this past weekend when we went to a family event at Ikea. The day began really early, at 6:30 to be precise. We had to wake up early to get there in time for Ikea’s Swedish American Breakfast. I never had it so I was excited to try it for the first time. They served eggs, sausage, potatoes, and crepe with cranberry jam. I was so happy they had crepe; I loved crepe ever since I first tried it on Bastille Day. I wasn’t so fond of the bitter cranberry jam though.

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