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    How to Cleanse Your Beauty Routine

    Every now and then we get tired of our usual beauty routine and want to revamp it. How about just cleansing it out? By cleansing your beauty routine, you’re getting rid of toxic habits that could lead to skin damage. Let’s look at a few tips to start cleansing. 01. Out with the old, in with the new Had that blush for a year now? We suggest tossing it. It’s probably filled with bacteria by now and this will only harm your skin. As a rule of thumb, any liquids and creams should be tossed after six months. Powders can last longer but you want to make sure you’re cleaning…

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    Moisturize like the French

    Many ask what is the secret to French women’s skincare. Well, the secret is simple. Don’t use too many products and definitely don’t spend a fortune on them. Just go to your local pharmacy. When TSS visited Paris back in March, we knew that la pharmacie was the place to go for beauty products. Oh and we did visit Yves Rocher as well. Who could resist their fruity scents? But back to the pharmacy. One of the most popular brands we couldn’t get enough of was Nuxe in Rêve de Miel. Our favorite product was the Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese. It’s a plant-based and Vitamin E oil for the face, body, and hair. It’s…

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    Cortex International Flat Iron

    I have to be honest. When I buy hair products, or any product, I buy it based on the packaging and design. Now this may be a horrible reason to purchase something, especially now that we live in a time where reviews mean everything. I need something to look good in order to make me feel good. And secondly it needs to work good. Backwards, right? But so far this method has worked for me. So when I laid eyes on the Cortex International flat iron, I couldn’t resist but purchasing it. It came in a turquoise box with gold fish scales on it. Oh my! It was such a…

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    5 Reasons to Be A Beauty Minimalist

    In this post I will be going over five reasons it works out to be a beauty minimalist and why I leave my skin practically bare. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not a fan and consumer of beauty products. On the contrary, I do buy eyeliners, lipsticks, blush, and skincare products. And I still love seeing beauty gurus do their thing on Youtube. This is just a personal choice that I made and one that many women are thinking about making.

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    Marilyn Monroe & Erno Laszlo

    The Erno Laszlo Institute put the spotlight on one of their famous clients, Marilyn Monroe. Many personal items of Marilyn’s lifetime were on show especially her collection of Erno Laszlo products. Her and Erno Laszlo were so close that he served as her mentor at times. He would create special creams for her specifically for her skin type. One specific cream he made for her was the scarring cream which reduced the marking of her appendix scar. Although pictures were not allowed, I managed to sneak some in thanks to one of the beautiful ladies at Erno Laszlo. They were so kind and enthusiastic. One of them complimented the way…

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