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    Rain Rain Go Away

    Yesterday was a rainy day. Oh my gosh! It was a horrible day to go out but a wonderful day to stay indoors, watch movies, and possibly cuddle while drinking hot chocolate. I was working but when I got home soaked there was only thing that brightened my day. All of you who are mothers will know what I’m talking about. For me, it was Magdalene. And she definitely made a rainy day appear sunny in that colorful raincoat of hers. I love her in it!

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    Little Magdalene in the City

    ¬†Today we took a stroll in downtown Brooklyn. We ate apple tart and raspberry pastries at Paris Breakfasts and then took a lot of pictures across the street. A mini family photo shoot is never a dull idea.After dozens of pictures, we decided to take little Magdalene to Barnes & Noble. We’ve been there a couple of times before. The last time, she went crazy running around getting her petites mains¬†on anything colorful. This time she mingled and socialized…in her own way of course. We tried reading her a book but she just couldn’t stay still. Instead, she moved on over to a little group of boys who were with…

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