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    Traveling to Morocco with Kids

    Traveling to Morocco with kids isn’t the first vacation idea to pop up in parents’ minds. A lot of people deem Morocco an unsuitable place for kids to be. But this is so far from the truth; Moroccans love kids and consider them a blessing. And there are plenty of things for kids to do there. Sure, there may not be indoor playgrounds with pizza readily available but kids get to experience a different lifestyle. Below are some activities that you may enjoy doing with your kids. 01. Traditional Breakfasts On this last trip with Maggie, I realized that she adored the traditional Moroccan breakfasts. I observed her as she…

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    How to Survive A Long-Haul Flight on A Budget Airline

    The first time I heard about budget airlines was when I worked at the airport. I found out how cheap flights to Europe were but I remained adamant about it. It took me two trips to Europe until I felt ready for the budget airline challenge. I realized that I didn’t need much more than a carry-on and I could hold my hunger for 7 hours. Besides, it’s worth the money you’re saving.

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    15 Things to Know Before Visiting Morocco

    Morocco, the colorful country that many have fell in love with at first sight. Some have even dreamt of it even before stepping foot on it, myself included. There’s something about the country that draws visitors. But before you visit, you must know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Below are 15 tips to follow before visiting Morocco. This way you won’t be too surprised when you get there.

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    3 Tips for visiting Chefchaouen

    Chefchaouen, or the Blue Pearl as many call it, was definitely a great place to visit. The medina, the Rif Mountains, and even the Turkish bathrooms were all amazing experiences. Now, there are some things that we will be better prepared for next time and one of them has to do with the Turkish bathroom. To make this a convenient trip for our readers, we have shared our three main tips on how to make the most of visiting Chefchaouen.

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    How to Shop A Moroccan Souk

    Here at The Style Spread, we just love to go shopping. We love it even more when it’s abroad. You get unique items that you probably wouldn’t have been able to get in your local boutique. In Morocco, these unique items are found at the Moroccan souks.  The souk is basically a market where different things are sold. You can get tea sets, scarves, leather goods, and even spices. We think it’s one of the most exciting parts of visiting Morocco. The only part that is not so exciting is the haggling that has to be done. But don’t worry, we are going to show you how to effectively shop the souk…

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    Learn French Slang with 5 Terms

    They say that you’ve become fluent in a language when you know how to speak slang. This isn’t always true since nowadays you can just google the terms or come to a site like this. However, learning slang terminology does make you seem more aware and knowledgable in regards to travel and language. Learning a new term shows that you did your homework. After all, slang terminology tends to change rather quickly. You don’t want to use slang from the 90’s in 2017 as you may be perceived as outdated. Below are five modern French slang phrases (including cuss words) that will make you appear well versed and up to…

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    The Reason Why Airlines Overbook

    Imagine stepping up to the check-in counter, just to hear the agent say, “I’m sorry to inform you but I cannot assign you a seat due to there not being enough seats available; the flight is overbooked. You will have to wait until the end of the flight to determine whether you will be able to fly out today.” This is the worst case scenario imaginable! Even though this hasn’t happened to me personally, as a former check-in agent, I’ve delivered the bad news more than a couple times. And the reactions I encountered were of pure disappointment and anger. What do you mean I’m not flying? I booked my seats three…

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    Creating A Traveler’s Notebook

    What exactly is a traveler’s notebook? It’s the original notebook in which we used to document our travels and adventures. This form of documenting has become stagnant since social media sites and the blogosphere set off. But who said we can’t bring it back right? The Midori Traveler’s Notebook focuses on just that. To document and record your experiences in a leather notebook brings back a nostalgia that has been lost. Not only that but customizing inserts and accessories, for the Midori, makes documenting all the more fun.

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