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    An Insider’s Paris Travel Guide

    Having visited Paris three times, I think it’s only fair to share this ultimate city travel guide with you. Some of the pointers here have been mentioned before on the other Paris travel guide but there are plenty of new ones here including places to eat and stay. If you are traveling with kids, the recommendations below will go a long way with you. Let’s get started.

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    A love letter to Paris

    Dear Paris, This recent trip was the second time I visited you and unlike in March, walking your streets in late November was a no-no for me. There was no snow yet and there was no autumn breeze. Instead, there was a lot of rain, harsh coldness, and grey skies. However, I’m judging you based off of only 5 days of being there. The great thing was that you made me thankful for a lot of things.

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    The Style Spread’s Paris Travel Guide

    Paris may be overrated to some but the identity attached to it won’t be wearing off anytime soon. It is the city of lights, love, and life. Even if you’re just going with friends or your children, the streets of Paris will show you romanticism. Maybe it’s the art nouveau in the train signs or its history but that aura will always remain. Below are some pointers for your Paris travel.

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    Learn French Slang with 5 Terms

    They say that you’ve become fluent in a language when you know how to speak slang. This isn’t always true since nowadays you can just google the terms or come to a site like this. However, learning slang terminology does make you seem more aware and knowledgable in regards to travel and language. Learning a new term shows that you did your homework. After all, slang terminology tends to change rather quickly. You don’t want to use slang from the 90’s in 2017 as you may be perceived as outdated. Below are five modern French slang phrases (including cuss words) that will make you appear well versed and up to…

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    Oui by Yoplait

    When I went to France back in March, I quickly noticed that foods were really different, starting with the packaging and ending with the taste. I had already known that the French take their food very seriously and care about where it comes from. But I had no idea that this also applied to how the food is packaged.  

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    How to Dine Like the French

    French gastronomy is an art in itself. Just like the French woman, it has no need for fancy introductions or explanations for existing; it just is. Below are 7 rules and suggestions that will change your dining style significantly. They are regularly used by the French and probably underestimated by the rest. Let’s get started.

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