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    Swedish American Family Time

    We had so much fun this past weekend when we went to a family event at Ikea. The day began really early, at 6:30 to be precise. We had to wake up early to get there in time for Ikea’s Swedish American Breakfast. I never had it so I was excited to try it for the first time. They served eggs, sausage, potatoes, and crepe with cranberry jam. I was so happy they had crepe; I loved crepe ever since I first tried it on Bastille Day. I wasn’t so fond of the bitter cranberry jam though.

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    The Fridge is Where the Heart Is

    It’s currently raining here in New York. It’s almost starting to feel like April showers cause of the frequency. But rainy days are always perfect for online shopping especially when the baby is napping. And those times are always perfect to run into something expensive that you have been missing in your life. Of course I ran into something. I ran into my long lost fridge… a Smeg fridge.

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    Weekend Grocery Shopping

    Weekends are for grocery shopping. Yes, we go shopping on both days. Seldom, do we have leisure time on weekends. I mean, that’s how it is when you work full time. Unless you get in the habit of shopping everyday after work. That is a smart idea. Except I haven’t got into the groove of it. I will though…eventually. So yesterday we went to Trader Joe’s for certain groceries. We always go there to get vegetables, bread, and of course their great unripe bananas. We save a lot of money by shopping there for half of the groceries. Five bags of different veggies, four banana bunches, a tub of Honey Greek yogurt,…

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    New York City at Night

    We went out to explore the city. First we went to eat at Cowgirl, a restaurant where they sell great quesadillas and Mexican dishes. You must try it! After finishing our quesadillas, it was a stroll from there. You’d be surprised by how many different things you’ll run into. Like the woman chef in the picture above. I wish I could send this awesome picture to her without her looking at me like I might be a stalker. Yikes! No one wants to be called a stalker. Still, it was a delightful night just walking around and snapping pictures of little obscurities. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed the pictures.

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    Lasagna Ristorante

    We went out to eat Italian! Lasagna Ristorante is located on 196 8th Ave. in the Chelsea neighborhood. I always walked past people laughing and enjoying the restaurant’s food when I went to school in the area. My favorite was the bread they served before the main course. The taste was similar to garlic bread but way better. I ordered baked ziti while Magdalene had spaghetti. However, we still swap bites here and there. That’s the privilege of having a daughter, you get to taste two dishes. It turned night pretty quickly cause of the time we arrived. But we still had a great time.

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    Sprinkles and Sprinklers

    What a fun day this was. It was a long day but we all had fun. I took my niece and daughter to 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt shop that I never heard of. I mean, there are so many frozen yogurt shops I just can’t keep track. But my niece chose it over Pinkberry so there must be something about it. After 16 Handles, we headed to the park to have some fun. Angie and Maggie had so much fun I couldn’t resist taking pics the whole time.

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    Maison Jules

    What a great night it was. I got invited to an event hosted by Maison Jules and Rach Martino at Ladurée. It was a beautiful night to encapsulate on French culture and it sure did. There was wine, classical music, hand written letters, and free goodies.

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    Confessions of A True Foodie

    Who loves cooking? No one would think I’d raise my hand. After all, I’m only 23 years young. Heck, I probably don’t even know how to cook. All I know how to do is prep my makeup and toss my hair to the side. Well I’m happy to say that this is a big misconception.

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