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    5 Natural Beauty Products to Try Now

    I’m a firm believer of chemical-free, natural beauty products. They aren’t just free from chemicals but they actually work. Just like herbs and plants have their own little magic, so do these products. 01. Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Hand Cream Made with various rich butters, including shea and cocoa butter, this coconut and papaya cream leaves the skin feeling replenished and moist. It makes a wonderful hand cream especially cause I wash dishes and suffer from dry hands. I don’t only use it for my hands but for my face as well. It’s one of my favorite creams cause it’s also made of coconut oil, aloe leaf, and hibiscus.…

  • Suhur

    Eating Suhur in A Non-Muslim Household

    Ramadan Mubarak! As you may or may not know, we are in the month of Ramadan. And being Muslim in a non-Muslim household can be a tricky thing… especially during Suhur*, the meal before sunrise. Suhur requires some planning and advanced preparation. Below are some tips to follow so you can make Suhur as easy, delightful, and peaceful for yourself as well as for others. 01. Prepare your Suhur the night before Not the whole meal, but try to make it less nosy. If you’re planning to make eggs, separate the eggs in the fridge. Planning to eat strawberries? Take them out of that noisy plastic and put them in a bowl. This…

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    Spinach and Chickpea Salad Bowl

    This Spinach and Chickpea salad bowl is a mixture of my favorite ingredients and my mom’s. She loves adding chickpeas, celery, and carrots to her salads. Most of the time she makes it with Romaine lettuce but I prefer to use spinach since it’s a less bitter and filled with nutrition. This salad was different since we mixed in the Moroccan Beet Salad recipe. We basically just prepared and added beets to the salad, nothing big. But to learn how to prepare the beets before using, refer to that recipe. This salad goes perfect with dinner or lunch. I even eat it for breakfast with avocado. A lot of people…

  • Empire State
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    An Insider’s Travel Guide to New York City

    New York City, the place many dream of living in and the place many locals have a love-hate relationship with. This New York City travel guide is filled with places to visit that will make you feel like a local. When to go to NYC: I would say all year long is great to visit New York City. I say this because there’s a lot to do each season. During the summer, there are a lot of festivals and street markets available. In the winter, there are plenty of musicals and lights everywhere including the tree at Rockefeller Center. Now, if you don’t want to freeze or sweat on your…

  • cocoa fudge cake
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    Chocolate Fudge Cake

    I would have preferred to make this chocolate fudge cake in the winter. To me, it’s a comfort food and perfect for making cozy nights feel, well, cozy. But I couldn’t resist trying this recipe to pair it with vanilla ice cream. Let me tell you, fudge and ice cream will always be a perfect combo.

  • Paris Guide
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    An Insider’s Paris Travel Guide

    Having visited Paris three times, I think it’s only fair to share this ultimate city travel guide with you. Some of the pointers here have been mentioned before on the other Paris travel guide but there are plenty of new ones here including places to eat and stay. If you are traveling with kids, the recommendations below will go a long way with you. Let’s get started.

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    Traveling to Morocco with Kids

    Traveling to Morocco with kids isn’t the first vacation idea to pop up in parents’ minds. A lot of people deem Morocco an unsuitable place for kids to be. But this is so far from the truth; Moroccans love kids and consider them a blessing. And there are plenty of things for kids to do there. Sure, there may not be indoor playgrounds with pizza readily available but kids get to experience a different lifestyle. Below are some activities that you may enjoy doing with your kids. 01. Traditional Breakfasts On this last trip with Maggie, I realized that she adored the traditional Moroccan breakfasts. I observed her as she…

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    Paris Travel Diaries

    I’ve disappeared from the blog for several days now but it’s okay cause I’ll have a lot of content to share in the coming weeks. I’m at the beginning of a long journey. First it’s Paris, then Morocco (again because I can’t get enough of it), and then Spain. From there I don’t know what’s next. Anything can happen but for now that’s my last stop. We made it to the 15th arrondissement and it’s made me nostalgic plus all sorts of happy. The Eiffel Tower is visible when walking to the apartment. It’s so beautiful to see it sparkle at night when getting out from the Metro. I’m glad…

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    Be the person you always wanted to be

    One of the reasons I love home decor is because it tells a lot of the person you are or aspire to be. Whether it’s your candle holder, your tea cups or even the books on your shelves. They all tell a part of your story. It’s really interesting once you think about it. The pictures here are a reminder of who I was, who I forgot, and who I wish to find again. With the hustle and bustle of life, I forgot of the things that made me truly happy. When I was in college, I loved learning new languages, daydreaming of traveling, and even belly dancing. I stopped…

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    French Hachis Parmentier

    This is my second time making hachis parmentier. The last time I made it, I didn’t have a proper oven; this time I did. Hachis parmentier is the French equivalent of Shepard’s Pie minus the vegetables. The dish consists of ground beef in between layers of mashed potato. It’s then topped with a crusty layer of gruyere and parmesan cheese. Doesn’t sound like Shepard’s Pie anymore, does it? History: The dish’s name comes from Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a promoter of potato as a food source. He conducted several publicity stunts to make the potato popular. Parmentier would host dinners with potato dishes being the main course. Famous guests included Benjamin Franklin…

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